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Next Clinic: Western Australia!

The next two clinics will take place in Western Australia between December 2019/February 2020.

We will be staying in Geraldton just 15 min away from the famous Coronation beach - local training spot of Jaeger Stone and Justyna Sniady. This spot offers world class conditions for windsurfing.

Coronation Beach

Sandy beach stretches for miles making it very safe to get in and out anywhere along the coast. Water is flat for the first 400-500 meters, and offers perfect conditions for complete beginners, those practicing water starts or jibes as well as people trying to improve their freestyle.

Coronation Beach - home to 2018 Australian National Championships

Further out is a deep-water reef with waves from knee-high on the inside all the way to logo - mast high on the outside. With waves being very soft and with big spaces between them there is no better port-tack spot (with wind coming from the left) in the world to learn to wave ride and to safely practice jumping. In case of any trouble with the gear you end up in a flat water bay. No need to be scared of sharks here either! You will struggle to find a better place than Coronation Beach to up your windsurfing game whatever your level. With trade winds blowing regularly all through the summer, you are almost guaranteed to spend a lot of time on the water. It is also one of the very few spots where on the same day at the same time kids can be making their first steps on the inside, while you can be out the back trying wave 360s and stalled forwards!

It is a true windsurfer's paradise and a must visit!

I will be joining forces with professional windsurfer Justyna Sniady who is a Resident of Western Australia and thought many people on this very beach. She will also be our local tour guide, making sure we don't miss out on anything that WA has on offer.

Justyna Sniady windsurfing in Western Australia

In case Coronation won't deliver conditions we will travel to other spots as well.

Your entire week will be captured in HD and we will be analysing your videos daily to ensure that we make your time on the water as efficient as possible. We will also be filming with the drone. In the end of the clinic you will not only receive your footage, but also a professionally edited movie from your Western Australia Clinic Experience including your sailing, lifestyle photos and drone shots of WA.

Opening and Closing night dinners included. More details and dates coming soon!

We keep the group sizes small to ensure everyone get's enough attention. Spaces are limited. If you are interested in joining us for the one- or two- week clinic please drop me an email.

Philip Koster, Jaeger Stone and I in Esperance, Western Australia



  • Temperature Australian Summer can get hot but it's never humid, with dry air it's easy to handle the heat. Make sure to bring a hat, sunglasses and always wear sun cream as sun can be very harsh, especially when you spend all day at the beach. It is a desert, so nights are usually colder. Make sure to bring a jumper and a light jacket too! Some night might get chilly if the wind stays on. We recommend you take a beanie.

  • What gear WA offers rather stable wind conditions anywhere from 4.2 to 5.0 for an average size sailor. If you are on a smaller side you might occasionally need a 3.7 for the stronger day. If you are a big guy make sure you bring the gear that allows you to float and ride. It's not choppy so you can easily use a bigger board. Put in a 5.3 or 5.6. We can give you more specific advice if you get in touch.

  • Wetsuit Yes. Please bring a wetsuit. It can get a bit colder in the afternoon sessions. Most of the time short wetsuit is sufficient, but for protection from impact and sun we recommend brining a long thin (3/2 mm) wetsuit as well. In case conditions don't play ball we might want to head south and the water is colder there.

  • Flying from outside Australia You will have to fly into Perth. The gear is the tricky part. There is currently one direct connection (of 17hr) to Perth from London. Usually all the airlines offer connections with one stop. Emirates and Qatar offer competitive flights prices, but do not offer "Sport Equipment" option to Australia. That means you must fit your gear and suitcase under 30kg. You can have as many pieces as you like, as long as it's under 30kg. After that you pay per kg with most airlines.

  • Car/Van Rental There is plenty of companies offering both car and van/camper rentals. We will all be staying in a house in Gerladton, so you only need a car. However, to maximise your time in Australia, if you choose to stay longer, we recommend you get a van or a camper. It is much easier to explore the coast and all the surf spots if you can stop wherever to sleep.

  • Sharks/Spiders/Snakes.. am I going to survive? Yes, don't stress. There has never been a shark attack in Coronation Beach. Sharks hang out mostly further South, and even then you really have to ask for trouble to get any. Spiders and Snakes keep to themselves in the bush, and you really won't have a problem. (This is coming from Justyna - a girl who lived in a van in the bush for many seasons!)

  • Driving Yes, you can do a lot of driving in WA if you would like to chase conditions and try all the spots. Our clinic will take place 15 min from the house though, so the only driving you will have to do is to and from Gerladton, when you arrive. Fuel is very cheap.


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