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I was born on Gran Canaria - World renowned windsurfing mecca and home to the PWA World Tour Events since 30+ years. I have been windsurfing for over two decades. For the past ten years I have been travelling and training with Philip Koster (five times Wave World Champion), whom I also caddy for during the PWA Events. If you need to know how to rig your kit I am your men!

I have watched endless amount of heats (also as a judge at the Spanish National Championships) and sailed most epic windsurfing locations around the world (Hawaii, South Africa, Australia, Mauritius, Canary Islands and others). I have also been coaching for majority of my adult life. 


When I am not traveling, coaching or caddying, (thanks to the all-round wave conditions we have on offer in Gran Canaria - everything from onshore to down the line), I spend my time testing gear for leading windsurfing brands like STARBOARD or SEVERNE.

Jorge Vera Garcia Dr Windsurf

Jorge Vera Garcia - Dr Windsurf 


All I have learned from sailing myself and from teaching others allows me to give very specific advice aligned to the style of the sailor I am working with. Many of my happy clients told me that I have transformed their windsurfing. They called me a windsurfing healer and gave me the Dr Windsurf nickname.
I coached everyone from beginners and young kids to amateurs trying to improve their jibes or get into waves, all the way through to the PWA Pro riders.  


If you need a "windsurfing health check", would like to learn a particular move, improve your confidence in the waves and consistency of what you can already do, or simply up your competition game, please contact me. There is a variety of options available for us to work together - from online coaching or private lessons to group clinics.

Testing Day - Severne Pyro


"Really happy to win my 5th world title here at the @pwaworldtour aloha classic! Couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and specially @manca_notar ! Big thanks also to @dr_windsurf for helping with anything there is at the contest so I can focus only on windsurfing. Thanks for the support."

Philip Koster
5x PWA Wave World Champion



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Jorge is going behind me when I do my moves, he's giving me a lot of tips on how I can do the manoeuvres better."

Carlos Kiefer-Quantana, 14 yrs old
PWA Junior World Champion
4 years training together



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Palm Trees


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