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Gran Canaria Retreat

Explore Gran Canaria with a local tour and windsurfing guide. 


At the Gran Canaria Retreat you will: 

- sail local spots around the island

- take on the challenge of handling 50knots of wind in the famous Pozo Izquierdo - home to the PWA World Tour Events since over 30 years 

- enjoy a late night trip to the Observatory high up in the mountains ti watch the stars 

- try the local cuisine - on one of the nights we will head over to a local restaurant located in a Cave

- on non-windy days head out surfing and SUPing on some of the best knows spots 

- take your windsurfing to the next level with daily classes and filming 

We will analyse your progress daily. The video footage will be reviewed every morning or evening to make sure you can get the most out of your week in Pozo. You will also get a copy of all your footage when the clinic is over. Make sure to bring a hard drive!

NEXT DATE: Coming soon...

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