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Private Coaching

Private lessons are the most efficient way for you to progress.


Each session runs for 1.5hrs. 

Depending on your goals and current level, I will chose to film you or spend some the whole time on the water with you.

I teach all levels. We can work on:

  • the right gear set up for you - how to rig your gear

  • introduction to the sport / spot

  • stance correction

  • waterstart

  • jibes and tacks

  • going faster and with more control

  • planing faster

  • going out in the waves - how to do it, what to do and don't do if you get stuck in the shore-break, getting the confidence in all types of conditions

  • catching the best waves - how to read the wave

  • wave riding technique and how it must change depending on the conditions (down the line, onshore, side-off riding technique) 

  • wave manoeuvres: aerial of the lip, wave 360,  upwind 360, goiter, taka, air-taka, reverse, rotation jumps of the lip

  • jumps: frontloop, stalled forward, table top forward, pushloop, tweaked pushloop, backloops (all variations - one hand one foot), double loops 

Regardless if you'd just like to get more confidence in the waves, improve your jibes or you are after high wind difficult manoeuvres, I taught it all. I'm sure I can help you with all your windsurfing needs.

*Private coaching available for all riders outside of Top 10 PWA (men and women).

*discount for Canary Island Residents
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