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Guided Windsurfing Tours - World Wide

New places and new spots can be challenging.  Travelling with windsurfing gear is difficult at best of times, especially when you are heading to part of the World you have never been to before. 

My students mentioned that one thing they like about sailing together with me, is that I make them feel safe on the water.  Many of them said they'd love to take me for their next trip and reached out for travel tips and spot tips when they were going to a new spot. 

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Around the world with Team

I have been windsurfing for over two decades. For the past 10 years I have been travelling and training with Philip Koster (4 time Wave World Champion), whom I also caddy for during the PWA Events. We have sailed most epic windsurfing locations around the world (Hawaii, South Africa, Australia, Mauritius, Canary Islands and others). Each spot come with it's own challenges. 

It's a trademark of mine by now that wherever I travel to, I walk the coast line of each spot and make sure I know the safest route in to the water and out of trouble. I was born and raised in Gran Canaria, and lived 200m from the Ocean all my life. I am also a Diving Instructor with few thousand dives under my belt, so I have also spent a fair amount of time under the water. I know how to safely enjoy the Ocean, navigate strong currents and handle big waves. I know the importance of having someone you can relay on with you on the water. 


If you would like to travel to locations you haven't been before and need a trusted guide to show you around the best spots, explain how they work, when is the best state of tide to sail them and would like to have a sparring-parter alongside you and/or your mates on your next trip, please contact me. 

I offer Windsurfing Guiding World Wide. Here are some of my favourite locations:

Western Australia
Canary Islands
South Africa
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