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Dr Windsurf

Jorge Vera Garcia 

Professional Windsurfing Coach 

Get your windsurfing in working order with Dr Windsurf!

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One on one clinics with Dr Windsurf. Your progress filmed in HD. 



Group Clinics in World's Top Windsurfing Locations.



Explore Gran Canaria with a local tour and windsurfing guide. 

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Analyse your sailing and all the tips to take your sailing to the next level. 

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Travel to locations you haven't been before with a trusted guide who will show you around the best spots.




If you're getting ready for a local, national or international event I can help you up your competition game.

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Jorge is going behind me when I do my moves, he's giving me a lot of tips on how I can do the manoeuvres better."

Carlos Kiefer-Quantana, 14 yrs old
PWA Junior World Champion
4 years training together


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What's New?


Karin Dornbusch,
Passionate Windsurfer since 3 decades  


Jorge explains in a very calm and efficient way which helped me to understand the crucial points of the moves. By doing the video analysis within the lessons I could directly implement the new tips. It is so much more fun riding the waves und jumping now. What I like a lot about his way of teaching is, how he motivates me to stay focused and be successful.

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I have been training with Jorge since 3 years now, working on variety of moves, gear set up, adapting to various conditions and on improving competition sailing. Jorge took my sailing and confidence on the water to the next level, by explaining how I can get the manoeuvres step by step, in a safe way. Working with him after coming back from injury was a game changer for me. 

Jorge helped me get my first ever PWA Wave podium, as well as 4 finals and 3rd Overall Title of the 2019 Professional Windsurfers Association World Tour. 

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Apart from the fact that Jorge has taught me most of the maneuvers, he is a very good teacher because he has a lot of patience and explains me the maneuvers several times to understand them well.
He also windsurf very well and knows all the tricks.

Studet Feedback
Carlos and Jorge heading out
Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 12.23.17 pm.png

Jorge is helping me a lot.

He is going behind me when I do my moves, he's giving me a lot of tips on how I can do the manoeuvres better.

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I've been windsurfing for 25 years and tried to learn new moves by myself and with my friends. Usually I need 4 or 5 years for each new move or jump. This year I decided to call Jorge and it has been really worth it. This summer I've learned the taka and the pushloop within a few hours, thanks to dr windsurf. He has changed my old thougths how to start the jumps and waveriding. As he says "one thing is what I think I should do for the new move, and then reality is what I have to do for starting and finishing the move". I highly recommend him if you want to improve your windsurf style.

Toni Pijoan,
Passionate Windsurfer since 25 years  


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Pauline Katz,
Wave riding since 5 years  


I took a few lessons with Jorge this summer in Gran Canaria. I love his way of teaching, always finding an easy way to explain a complicated move and focusing only on the most important points.

He also have a lot of patience, is super kind and always smile on the water. Highly recommended!



"Really happy to win my 5th world title here at the @pwaworldtour aloha classic! Couldn’t have done it without the support of my family and specially @manca_notar ! Big thanks also to @dr_windsurf for helping with anything there is at the contest so I can focus only on windsurfing. Thanks for the support."

Philip Koster
5x PWA Wave World Champion


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